Get to launch with a framework that’s been proven to accelerate pharmaceutical clients through the entire contract lifecycle — from offers and quoting through contract execution and performance analytics.

HighPoint’s dedicated team of pricing, contracting, and market access experts bring extensive industry and technology implementation experience to the table. Through consultation, cloud-based technology and analytics solutions, as well as business process outsourcing, HighPoint streamlines systems, processes, and reporting for life sciences clients at every stage of a launch.

Our approach is comprehensive — but it is also customizable. We match our strategy, content, and resource expertise to the needs of each engagement based on each client’s profile. Our track record of success is the highest in the industry across brand (large- and mid-tier), generics, biosimilar, specialty, and medical device and diagnostic product lines.


Evaluating software would be simpler with a more structured, objective way of measuring differences between them. That’s why we created the KRD paradigm.

Instead of focusing on the 80% feature overlap between software options, Key Requirement Differentiators (KRDs) define the specific requirements for each of a client’s business processes — and match them to capabilities that differentiate applications.

Once KRDs are defined, they’re used as the foundation of our Proof of Concept services. HighPoint leverages a library of transformation technologies to load your master and transactional data into major software solutions, quickly discovering how each application handles your data in real-world business scenarios.

Evaluating software is only the first step to realizing a successful implementation or upgrade — implementation planning is close behind. HighPoint guides life sciences clients through this critical juncture with services that meet or exceed timing and budget requirements.

  • Best practices for business case messaging and KPIs
  • Due diligence around capital and expense budgeting
  • Early resource and project planning
  • Proactive awareness of change management
  • Early preparation of business and technical requirements
  • Steps for infrastructure planning or assessing cloud solutions


Even as tender management needs grow throughout the industry, HighPoint has already developed capabilities to guide clients through these processes. HighPoint supports tender management needs from strategic consultation through BPO services.

Our 5-phased best practices framework gives global and regional teams the visibility and governance they need to manage tenders at a holistic level and provides local teams with the operational tools to achieve excellence in execution. With parallel global and local tracks, we create oversight and support across client locations.

THOR Powered by HighPoint

We’ve also developed THOR Powered by HighPoint, a HighPoint-exclusive tendering intelligence data service that creates constant awareness of public tender opportunities. With daily market screening and historical publication data, THOR gives clients the edge necessary to successfully compete for tendered procurement contracts on a global scale.

What else should your company know about tendering? Read our 2017 Tender Report:

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

Download Part 3

Download Part 4


Protect your company from exposure to rebate overpayment with a HighPoint service that untangles Medicaid complexities with other channels. Covered entities who receive front-end 340B pricing discounts are increasingly applying back-end rebates (Medicaid, Tricare, Coverage Gap) to “double dip” on cost reductions on the same pharmacy transaction. And with supplemental rebates, “triple dipping” of discounts can also occur.

HighPoint has developed a set of proprietary data processes and tools to assess your exposure to the costs of 340B non-compliance. By combining your customer data, class of trades, transactional data, and third-party data, we can show you exactly where duplicate discounts are likely to occur.

Our assessment will also give you clearer insight into PHS eligibility, drug diversion/arrangements with providers, contract pharmacy arrangements, and Medicaid exclusion file accuracy.

Watch HighPoint’s 340B webinar to learn more about your risk.

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Where can your gross-to-net management obligations be optimized, or even automated? HighPoint is ready to assess your existing process and create a detailed go-forward roadmap for efficiently accruing and disclosing your financial liabilities.

Key assessment deliverables

  • Comprehensive assessment report
  • Current state business process flows
  • Comparison versus industry best practices
  • Organizational benchmarking versus peers
  • Automation feasibility analysis
  • Vendor evaluation (potential)
  • Detailed go-forward roadmap

Get additional details — read our Gross-to-Net Assessment Solution Paper.

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On the path to improving analytics capabilities in commercial and government markets, life sciences companies face difficult, data-related challenges that stand in the way of better business strategies and tactics. We’ve created a contract analytics solution that gives clients a quantitative model for understanding their data — allowing account managers to negotiate and close value-added contracts.

With our proven framework, life sciences companies gain access to prospective (pre-deal), retrospective (post-deal), and compliance analytics.

  • Pre-deal: Forecast KPIs on an individual and aggregate basis
  • Post-deal: Compare pre-deal forecasts to actual data and identify reasons for positive and negative variance
  • Compliance: Determine how well a contract is performing in comparison to its terms and conditions, and proactively correct non-compliant actions


When it comes to price optimization and direct channel management, medical device and diagnostics (MD&D) manufacturers face retail and government reporting challenges more complex than those of pharmaceutical companies. They must manage pricing and contract agreements while optimizing rebate arrangements and maintaining data transparency.

HighPoint has developed a number of technology solutions for MD&D clients utilizing proprietary methodologies and implementation best practices. Deployed globally for some of the largest device companies in the industry, our solutions help clients overcome complex pricing factors.

  1. RFP/Price Quote/Offer Development: Our teams have worked with offer development tools to implement contract redlining, integrated price optimization tools, and lifecycle workflow. Via partnerships with some of the largest CPQ vendors in the industry, we can implement quoting tools. And our people bring deep knowledge in tendering markets to the table — easily tailored to a standard MD&D RFP process.
  2. Contract Execution/Administration: As strategic partners for the largest pricing, contracting, and rebate vendors in the industry, we know exactly how top MD&D manufacturers negotiate and manage their contracts. This is particularly complex in the medical device industry, where kits, capitated pricing, mass contract updates and price increases are a normal part of business operations. We work with partners to implement proven best practices, tools, and accelerators to reduce your risk.
  3. Contract Performance/Renewal Measurements: Over the course of 30+ contract and rebate system implementations, we’ve developed a set of KPIs, dashboards, and reports that create visibility into contract performance, expiration awareness, and metrics for revenue recovery opportunities. Whether you’re selling bundled products, capital equipment, or reagents, our metrics augment data from industry-leading vendors to better measure outcomes with tools such as Cognos, Qlik, Tableau, and others.


HighPoint sets the industry benchmark for implementations of market-leading tools for pricing, contracting, tendering, rebate management, and gross to net.

We understand the complexities of integration of data between ERP, CRM systems, and other upstream and downstream systems. With expertise in program management, business, and technology, and an extensive library of tools and accelerators, HighPoint’s focus is to implement solutions on time and on budget.

  • Baseline project plans
  • Contract profiling templates for pharmaceutical and medical device
  • User requirement libraries
  • Software-specific test plans and scripts
  • Government pricing parallel calculation models
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • SQL libraries for reporting and reconciliations
  • Contract/data conversion tools


With outsourcing services, small and emerging life sciences companies see greater efficiency and security — especially in key channels such as Managed Care, Medicaid, and Government Pricing.

HighPoint’s managed services operations support clients who may not be prepared to handle the full extent of day-to-day business operations and the associated costs. We have the experience and the tools to take on these capabilities:

  • Contract and membership management
  • Chargeback and managed care rebate processing
  • Medicare Part D coverage gap and Tricare rebate processing
  • Government price calculations
  • Medicaid, state, and supplemental rebate processing
  • 340B compliance
  • Payment processing
  • Gross-to-net analytics and advanced reporting

Outsourcing with HighPoint can lower the total cost of ownership across headcount, licensing fees, and maintenance, while boosting overall efficiency. We eliminate late payments and ensure government compliance to a high degree of accuracy — as backed by seasoned compliance advisors. Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to scale quickly to changes in regulations and contract strategies and produce meaningful analytics that accurately forecast contract performance, accruals, and overall gross-to-net.

Additional Resources

Leading Pricing & Contracting

  • Ralph Lynn

    Vice President, Pricing and Contracting

    Ralph Lynn

    Ralph has over 10 years of experience implementing government pricing, managed care contracting, compliance, and rebate processing solutions for Alpharma, Novartis, Otsuka, and other pharmaceutical firms. His expertise includes system design and architecture, application development, and database design.

    Prior to joining HighPoint, Ralph was a Project Manager for Pfizer, where he led a team of consultants in designing and implementing a flexible rule-based government pricing system. He also worked as a Technical Lead and Software Engineer at Pitney Bowes. Ralph holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Bio Medical Computing from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

  • Alexis Arroyo-Sharabaika

    Senior Director

    Alexis Arroyo-Sharabaika

    10+ years of experience in contract management operations in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Alexis’ expertise spans work in policy and strategy assessments for commercial and government contracting, vendor evaluations, and large-scale implementations of Model N and iMany systems. Before HighPoint, Alexis was a senior consultant at Computer Science Corporation. She holds an MBA from the University of Maryland.

  • test

    Robyn Shramek

    Senior Director

    Robyn Shramek

    14+ years of experience in large-scale contract lifecycle management implementations, commercial pricing and strategy, and government pricing. Robyn’s work includes commercial Model N implementations of contract management, chargebacks, managed care, and admin fee functions. Before HighPoint, Robyn was principal consultant at Computer Science Corporation, where she completed the largest full-suite Model N implementation in the pharmaceutical industry. She holds an MBA from Rutgers University.

  • Mike Ogilvie

    Senior Director

    Mike Ogilvie

    18+ years of diverse IT experience, specializing in custom system integration solutions, data conversions, and reporting. Mike’s areas of expertise within pricing include pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Before HighPoint, Mike was lead technical architect at a global consulting firm, responsible for designing, developing, testing, and deploying large-scale software solutions. Mike holds a BS in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

  • Ruven Remo Eul

    Director, Life Sciences Europe

    Ruven Remo Eul

    With 10+ years of experience in local, regional, and global pharmaceutical roles, Ruven assists life sciences clients with PCMA matters as part of HighPoint’s European Life Sciences team. Ruven has a deep background in commercial excellence, with strong experience in commercial analytics and tendering — having worked with Model N, Revitas, and Veeva. Ruven also led and published the first major life sciences benchmarking study on tendering. Ruven holds an MBA in Healthcare Management from Institute of Management Berlin.