In the past, life sciences companies invested heavily in sales teams and sales enablement tools as the most effective channel to reach physicians and other stakeholders. But in an age of shrinking access, greater regulatory pressure, and payer concentration, commercial excellence as a concept must evolve.

Marketing that is informed by experience and data now stands as the strongest investment for driving business. If brands can connect their messages to engaged decision makers at exactly the right time, they can create greater impact — and drive greater sales — than with any other commercial component.

With an average of 13 years of experience in the life sciences industry, HighPoint experts bring unique insight to our clients’ marketing efforts. We help them determine where messages are resonating, which audiences they should target, and what mix of marketing channels will result in the greatest ROI. HighPoint has operationalized hundreds of product launches, giving us the strategic view necessary to consistently drive results in the pharmaceutical and biotech spaces.


How is your current marketing spend distributed? What’s working best? Where should you invest next — and to what extent?
HighPoint’s seasoned experts evaluate the considerations of every current and potential channel to strategically guide you to an optimized marketing mix.


In today’s market, blockbuster drugs are no longer a sure bet for commercial success. Without the weight and security of flagship products to drive the majority of revenue, smarter marketing efforts must be conceived to strategically extract value from a diverse product portfolio.

Our industry veterans can help you determine if your marketing efforts are working, even down to the individual program level. From top-level strategy to campaign conversion rates, we guide clients through the analytics required to uncover actionable marketing insights.


When marketing enablement efforts cross business units or brands, opportunities to optimize operational effectiveness may be lost. In order to generate efficient, reliable results, you must break down the silos that separate your brands and leverage the most successful processes, technologies, and tools across your entire portfolio of marketed products.

HighPoint has established a “digital factory” framework to assess your current performance across brands and business units and consolidate best practices and high-value assets. By doing so, we can unlock efficiencies throughout your organization, allowing all of your marketing efforts to work smarter and harder.


Evaluating the effectiveness of marketing efforts begins with data. To ensure marketing spend is making an impact, clients must understand exactly who their ideal customers are, what kind of marketing channels they respond to — including both personal and non-personal promotion — and how to adjust spend accordingly.

As thought leaders in the multi-channel marketing (MCM) space, HighPoint’s commercial excellence team has enabled clients in the development of MCM strategy, implementation of the processes and technology to support MCM, and the definition and creation of analytical solutions to measure the results and impacts of MCM.


How else can HighPoint help your organization optimize the way it reaches physicians and other stakeholders? By leveraging deep industry process and technology expertise, we can minimize costs and maximize efficiency across the full range of your commercial efforts.


As independent experts focused solely on technology solutions for Life Sciences and Healthcare, HighPoint is uniquely positioned to help your organization assess and define the technology required to support your commercial goals. Whether focused on a single function (Marketing, Sales Enablement, Services and Support), or enterprise-wide, HighPoint can help. Our experts will assess your current situation, define the technology ecosystem required to support your future state, and develop a roadmap for implementation of the right solutions at the right time.


CRM technology continues to evolve in parallel with the increasing complexity of the Life Sciences Customer Engagement Model. Today’s solutions are designed to support critical business capabilities including Key Account Management, cross functional collaboration, and rep directed orchestration of the customer journey. HighPoint Solutions can help you determine the optimal approach to elevating your field CRM capabilities, be it deployment of a new CRM system, or enhancing the scope of your existing tools.


Streamline your material review process, allowing you to develop and deliver promotional content with confidence. We understand the viewpoint of key participants — reviewers, agencies, and brand teams — and are able to define solutions that smooth out the MLR process. By capturing comments electronically and implementing confusion-free practices, HighPoint can reduce re-reviews so you can meet deadlines.


Stay ahead of multi-state regulatory requirements to disclose your aggregate spend. HighPoint helps clients leverage existing assets and combine the core components to any aggregate spend reporting and optimization solution. With a framework that simultaneously enables promotional spend rationalization, we minimize technology investments while keeping clients compliant.

Additional Resources

Leading Commercial Excellence

  • Stacey Pinel

    Managing Director, Commercial Excellence

    Stacey Pinel

    Following a 20-year career in industry with Allergan, EMD Serono, and Biogen, Stacey joined HighPoint in February 2017 as one of our Customer Success Directors. In less than a year Stacey has led 8 different engagements for us ranging from emerging biopharma’s like Bluebird Bio to large global organizations like CSL Behring.

  • Antonio Pregueiro

    Vice President, Life Sciences Europe

    Antonio Pregueiro

    Prior to HighPoint, Antonio spent his career doing both consulting and industry work. During this period he worked globally, gaining experience in the US, Europe, South America, Russia and the Middle East working across functions in analytics, marketing and operations spanning a broad range of therapeutic areas. Antonio was trained as a scientist, receiving a dual-honours BSc in Biochemistry and Genetics from the University of Sheffield in the UK. He conducted his doctoral research in the Molecular and Cell Biology graduate program at Dartmouth Medical School in the US, where he received his PhD.