Launch Your Way Into a Consulting Career!

Consulting. A word that may sound familiar to most, but do you actually know what a consulting career entails? Do the frequent travel opportunities and marketability that come with consulting experience appeal to you? Instead of going to the same cube every day, working to solve the same problems with the same people, are you looking for a career where change is the norm? Look no further, HighPoint’s LaunchPoint program is exactly where you need to be.

LaunchPoint is the bridge that can connect a biomedical engineering major, for example, to a healthcare consulting career. It acts as a “Sorting Hat” to make an initial determination of which solution and discipline within the firm is the best fit for you. These LaunchPoint sessions take place in both the summer and the winter, and begin with a 3 week training course taught by experienced consultants. There, LaunchPoint members will begin building their network with both the class they are placed with, and the variety of instructors that includes: senior and executive level individuals, recent LaunchPoint graduates and vendor partners. They will participate in a Learning Management System Discovery simulated project that exposes them to mock client interviews, workshop facilitation, and presentation of deliverables for acceptance at the end of the 3 weeks.

Once completed, LaunchPoint graduates will rotate through Solution Teams in various assignments for the following 6 months. There, graduates develop and sharpen their consulting skills with training and mentorship given to aid in their success. By the end of the program, they will become members of a Solution Team and launch their consulting careers!

If this program sounds like something you might be interested in, please contact Terre Meister for more information.