Is Your Population Health IT Platform Optimized?

If you are a Population Health Operations Vice President, Director or Manager, and you’ve had your current population health solution for five years or more does the following ring true with you? After spending millions of dollars on a population health system, what once seemed state-of-the-art, now seems outdated and old-fashioned.

There are a growing number of system limitations and you find yourself developing workarounds to replace the functionality you wish the IT platform could provide — mostly functionality that would enhance workflow efficiency and member outcomes. In addition, there is growing pressure to support emerging healthcare trends: health information exchange (HIE) integration, advanced prior authorization technologies, value-based provider arrangements, and enhanced interoperability with electronic health records.

Frequently when a health plan implements a new care management platform, they implement in phases to better handle this huge work effort. The result is that functionality that the new care management platform can provide is overlooked or planned for a later phase.


Here are some questions you should ask your IT team:

  • Are you using the latest version of your Population Health IT platform?
  • Is your population health unit optimizing all the bells and whistles available on the Population Health IT platform?
  • Is your Population Health IT platform able to keep up with emerging industry trends and the current business needs of your organization?
  • Are you replicating data in multiple IT platforms/products?
  • Are your population health vendor partners (i.e., behavioral health, radiology, social determinants of health, and nurse advice services) able to integrate their data into your IT platform?

If you are unsure, or responded “no” to one or more of these questions, HighPoint Solutions can help. HighPoint Solutions offers Population ‘Health Check,’ a new service that supports clients in developing a Population Health IT platform strategy that aligns with the organization’s vision. For example: Many health plans are changing their care management strategies around behavioral health (BH). The health plan may have historically delegated BH to an external vendor. However now, while re-aligning with the new population health standards, the health plan decides to insource and integrate their BH services. Highpoint Solutions can assist with the business and technical processes to support these strategic goals.

HighPoint Solution’s team of Population Health platform specialists include clinical and technical Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Business Analysts. While being as unobtrusive as possible, our team will complete a review of your workflows, policies and procedures, desktop guides, systems, staffing models and known pain points. Within 30 days we will give you an analysis of the organization’s current operational and technological opportunities, as well as identify any current, potential risks and/or deficiencies.

As the process unfolds, the focus includes:

  • Identify and align the Population Health solution functions with the organization’s strategic goals
  • Planning projects inclusive of a robust change management component
  • Management of evolving accreditation and regulatory requirements
  • Remediation of data integration issues and reporting challenges
  • Optimization of business and clinical workflows

Enhancing your population health IT platform, can also optimize your clinical outcomes, and operations through a return on investment (ROI). As an example, after coupling the implementation of IT platform with an enhanced transition program, an Indiana not-for-profit health plan, noted a 61% length of stay reduction, $6.5 million in annual savings and 66% re-admission reduction. [1]

There was also a $500,000 annual decrease in claims Electronic information data. Data quality and integrity drive positive clinical outcomes and reporting drives membership growth. This increases health plan ratings which results in increased revenue.2

HighPoint Solution’s experts bring their knowledge in developing positive customer experiences, best practices, operational performance and technology capabilities together for you. We will tailor a solution and deliver the expertise you need, where and when you need it.

With an independent, solution-agnostic approach, HighPoint experts can help define your Population Health Management structure, and,

  • Bridge the gap and support transition
  • Evaluate and deploy all necessary tools
  • Support physician and staff adoption
  • Enable risk segmentation, analytics, quality reporting, and member/patient engagement
  • Align clinical workflows and claims data integration

We work with stakeholders to help clients develop a Population Health strategy that aligns to the organization’s vision.

Once aligned, we inventory their processes, future goals and organizational aspirations. Together we’ll develop an operating model supported by sound business cases that deliver targeted milestones and outcomes for your implementation roadmap.


If you are interested in learning more about HighPoint Solutions’ Population Health Check, contact Chris McShanag, Vice President of Population Health.



[1] Case Study: ZeOmega’s Jiva Helps MDwise Reduce Length of Stays, Readmissions by More Than 60%, 2015

[2] How to Drive ROI in Your Healthcare Improvement Projects,” Bobbi Brown and Leslie Hough Falk, 2013