The Insights and Sources We Trust

Contributors to this compilation include HighPoint experts John Wollman, Ted Marsh, Jim Slubowski, and Chris McShanag.

In the healthcare industry, staying current is a make-or-break proposition.

We’re winners if we stay (incessantly) in the loop about trends and market shifts. Conversely, we’re likely to lose if we’re not paying attention, especially to what appears insignificant at first blush. Because of this environment and the constant flood of disruption in the industry, particularly due to technology, we’re always keeping a watchful eye for any new trends or sudden shifts that may either harm or benefit our clients.

That said, we wanted to share with you some of the public sources our experts frequently review for insights and news to stay ahead of the curve. And, of course, in addition to these resources, please subscribe to our blog where we cover a wide swath of issues from healthcare technologies to U.S. and EU regulations — and so much more.

  • Becker’s Hospital Review focuses on several healthcare concerns, including IT, c-suite, finance, employment and consumer trends, legislation, FDA news, and other topics. It’s a comprehensive look at the industry, from minor regulatory updates to thorough treatments of significant trends.
  • Health IT SmartBrief curates a digest of big picture and nitty-gritty details of healthcare information technology. Culled from various sources, recent articles included a piece on malware that affected an oncology center’s MRI machine and an update about legislation in Florida that will allow nurse practitioners to treat patients remotely without doctor supervision.
  • HealthData Management is dubbed “The Resource for Healthcare IT Leaders” and rightly so. They are incredibly data centric: they just, for example, published a white paper on data governance. And their writers publish cogent perspective pieces on IT trends and new technologies, including data security and management.
  • Modern Healthcare publishes relevant, timely, and comprehensive articles that focus on healthcare business news, research, and data. Recent features included “C-suite gender gap: leadership training efforts falling short” and whether CMS’ decision to extend non-ACA compliant plans will help or hurt the market.
  • AHIP Solutions SmartBrief is an e-newsletter published Monday through Friday that provides a curated digest of articles delivered to your inbox focusing on health insurance industry news, as well as medical, policy, provider, pharma, and supplier news. As they note, it’s “ideal for time-starved healthcare professionals.”
  • HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) is the largest network for healthcare information management professionals. They offer industry research, value strategies and realization, as well as coverage of compliance topics like MACRA. Read their blog here.
  • HFMA (Healthcare Financial Management Association) is the largest network of healthcare finance professionals. They publish a monthly magazine and conduct seminars and webinars that cover key topics, including the transition to value-based payments, patient engagement, and pricing transparency. Read their blog here.