The Inevitable Growth of Healthcare and Patient-Related Data

In today’s healthcare landscape, data grows continuously and at ever-increasing speeds, creating new challenges for a challenged industry.

There are clear and present drivers, not the least of which is the Affordable Care Act (ACA) adding 10 million plus patients to the healthcare ecosystem.  Imagine the data implications of those additional patients: new patient records, additional personal health records, added healthcare benefit claims, and the list goes on and on.This influx of data can result in three issues:

  1. The need for additional hardware to store and backup all of the data coming in
  2. Processes becoming slower due to the amount of data in various tables
  3. Increase in time necessary to restore a backup




Managing the Influx of Data with Data Archiving

Data archiving can provide a holistic solution to the issues I listed.  Archiving allows you to offload data from your system when that data is no longer required as online data, but is still useful now and then. By removing this unnecessary data from your active system, you quickly and easily speed up response and processing times, transforming your system into a much more efficient and cost-effective production environment.

Another archiving advantage is the amount of storage space you need for your data is substantially less than the size of said data.  How can that possibly be?  Archiving solutions have advanced compression algorithms allowing the archived files to be much smaller than the original ones.

Lastly, utilizing data archiving allows you the opportunity to drive efficiencies in how you manage your data operations.  How?  Today’s providers offer cloud based hosted solutions, as well as, on-going managed services for activities like data investigations, restoration, or additional archival. Instead of heading additional headcount and fixed costs to your balance sheet, you can operate in a fixed fee, Service Level Agreement (SLA) governed environment.  Giving you discrete control over your expenditures and guaranteed performance results.{{cta(‘5c036d5b-e8c8-4765-9683-c09036e2087e’,’justifycenter’)}}Worried about security? You should be, which is why HighPoint’s archiving solution powered by Informatica’s ILM product is HIPAA, PCI, Safe Harbor, SSAE16, SOX, JSOX, certified.

Unsure which of your data can or needs to be archived?  Most clients don’t, which is why we created a tool to suggest which files are no longer required, do not need a backup version, or can be deleted after a set amount of time.