The healthcare industry has reached a stage of unprecedented electronic data wealth, opening up truly longitudinal views into patient populations. For the first time, payers and providers can perform advanced predictive modeling — improving care delivery and promoting wellness at a systemic scale.

But on the path to achieving these experiential goals, these organizations need a partner with a big picture understanding of the healthcare industry — a partner who can help them plan for and manage quality, costs, and data security at every stage of a project.

HighPoint has completed more than 100 informatics projects for clients worldwide, driving business results for payers and providers with an approach that puts data governance first. Operating from established best practices for data quality and master data management, we draw out deep insights that allow our clients to take action and improve outcomes.


As technology rapidly shifts data integration needs from traditional on-premise ETL and EAI integrations to a mix of cloud and web-based services, healthcare companies must choose an integration partner with a clear vision that spans strategy, implementation, and analytics. HighPoint has helped payers and providers address a broad range of data across multiple business functions.

Utilizing established frameworks for every stage of a data integration initiative, we have consistently implemented solutions that meet our clients’ strategic needs and data governance standards.


HighPoint can review the state of your technologies and your data from all sources to workshop and design a future state for your ETL/EAI capabilities. We’ll assess the external market landscape for emerging tech practices and define a roadmap for reaching these new capabilities.


Our team of data integration experts can plan, design, build, test, and deploy your data integrations — and provide advanced validation for regulatory compliance where necessary. We can work to implement part of a technology transformation, or to support a larger application deployment.


Data migration is challenging, but HighPoint has extensive experience working with the latest cloud solutions, applying best practices and strict data governance to ensure that information is simultaneously accessible and secure.


Many clients who select HighPoint for their integration implementations also turn to us for managed services support. We can take on platform operations, maintenance, and the deployment of new services for any range of technologies at any scale.


The potential of your data only matters if you have the agility necessary to unlock it. HighPoint guides healthcare clients through the design, development, and support of systems leveraging big data, enabling insights into entire patient populations.

We help clients demolish silos to quickly gain enhanced business intelligence and historical perspective. We can create meaningful insights from multiple data sources — relieving IT support and infrastructure from bridging the gap. And we improve business performance, operating on facts, not guesses, drawn from your data.

  • Business intelligence
  • Data warehouse strategy, roadmaps, and assessments
  • BI tool and methodology selection
  • Measurement system design
  • Modernization of information infrastructure
  • Information governance and operating models
  • Operational analytics (dashboards, scorecards, performance management, advanced visualization)
  • Reporting and rationalization services
  • DW/BI SaaS offering
  • 24/7/365 support, including remote site failover and disaster recovery


Is a new data lake a good investment? How do you find actionable insights amidst a sea of data? Which channels should you invest in to drive the highest brand awareness?

HighPoint provides the strategic, analytic, and data visualization support payers and providers need to answer these questions and put an end to data paralysis. With greater data quality and a clearer picture of patient populations, clients can increase efficiency, improve care delivery, and drive business results.

Strategy and Innovation

With the right mix of technology and business architecture, HighPoint builds strategies that enable population health management capabilities. We support the planning of initiatives that include hybrid data lake reference architecture, the redesign of patient services analytics, payer enterprise capability transformation, and integrated health systems operations and analytics capabilities.

Data Analytics

Step back and see your data in aggregate. HighPoint’s experts can identify descriptive analytics, guided analytics, and self-service analytics scenarios that provide key market dynamics leveraging an integrated data analytics approach. Define core sales and marketing KPIs, launch multi-channel marketing initiatives, create specialty focus dashboards, and take clear action on patient data.

Data Visualization

We believe enabling action from data means creating simple, focused stories. From turnkey dashboards and reports for commercial processes to top-level visualization strategy, we leverage industry best practices to assess, refine, or create a solution that gives you a clear story from your data — and a direction for your business efforts.


With HighPoint’s business intelligence support, you can finally make use of your data as a strategic asset to catch up to — and surpass — the competition.

We look at every important business function of your organization, comparing your analytic readiness against industry best practices from a people, process, and technology perspective. We position our payers and providers to clearly understand how to transform their business intelligence into a true differentiator in their markets.

CARE — Enterprise Data Quality for Payers

With HighPoint’s CARE methodology, payers can finally address enterprise data warehouse data quality without losing sight of day-to-day operations. With data quality assured, your business intelligence can become more reliable — and actionable.

Complemented by a thorough understanding of payer systems, our CARE methodology incorporates proven concepts that include:

  • Creating baseline metadata
  • Benchmarking against industry standards
  • Accessing financial impact
  • Building a data quality data mart
  • Using well-designed data scorecards and dashboards
  • Ongoing proactive data monitoring
  • Applying root cause analysis for sustainable quality process improvements

Clinical Data Onboarding for Payers

Partnering with multiple high-volume providers is a critical step for payers moving towards accountable care. But how can payers onboard and integrate clinical data with claims, eligibility, and care management data, seamlessly and efficiently?

HighPoint sets up clinical data integration hubs for payer clients. Leveraging leading technology and resources, including an on-boarding team that can help provider partners facilitate data transfer using HL7 or custom interfaces, we can easily standardize, clean, and integrate new data while making it available for internal and external use to meet your strategic needs.

Healthcare Analytics and Data Warehouse

Get out from under your backlog of support tickets — or roll out an approved new care analytics module while under major resource constraints. HighPoint has the combined business intelligence and healthcare experience with payers and providers to reduce risk and improve outcome predictability as you take on new challenges in your business intelligence initiative.

Rapid Information Strategy

Align your business transformation with information strategy and define the investments, timelines, and sequence of events that will deliver on your information investment’s desired outcome. HighPoint’s strategy process examines the dimensions of change which lead to successful program and project outcomes across a spectrum of capabilities and data products necessary to both the teams supplying and supporting them, and their users.

Our strategy engagements lead directly to executable roadmaps, governance and operating models, architectural risk/debt assessments, and discrete project definitions with resource estimates to guide the budgetary and execution stages of their transformation. We deliver tactical recommendations early in the information evolution process to reduce long-term risk and keep our clients on the roadmaps we create.

Technology Labs

Information technology is rapidly shrinking in cost and expanding in capability. That’s why HighPoint provides technology lab services that allow our clients to pilot technologies, develop value-driving use cases, and determine how a particular technology fits within an end-to-end information landscape and value change.

We provide the technical, strategic, and operational guidance to demonstrate how new capabilities can deliver on strategic imperatives better, faster, and at a lower cost.


From operational systems to enterprise data warehouses, data governance and data management has changed into service-oriented and member relationship-centric information building.

Transform your structured and unstructured data into meaningful information with the support of HighPoint’s data management practice. We have designed and delivered data management and analytics initiatives to meet an array of corporate goals, including enterprise-wide, ROI-focused data quality, the assessment and retirement of systems for cost reduction, improved member retention analytics, and proof of technology. HighPoint can realize the value of any information asset.


At the core of every successful informatics solution — and therefore every service HighPoint provides — is a focus on data governance and data quality.

Our experience in evaluating technology, creating consistent architecture, and standardizing data assets allows us to facilitate and manage data governance programs that enable clarity of ownership and accountability for your business stewards. And with our CARE methodology, we provide a catalog of rules across a broad range of subject areas to ensure data quality and yield measurable return on data investments.

Leveraging a proactive approach and decades of healthcare industry experience, HighPoint’s experts help payers and providers drive business results with data governance and data quality top-of-mind.


  • Michael Zubey

    Executive Vice President, Life Sciences Strategy

    Michael Zubey

    As Executive Vice President of Life Sciences Strategy, Michael is responsible for the overall development of the Life Sciences business unit in terms of competency development, client relations, and staff development. Additionally, Michael is responsible for the analytics strategy across all health industries. Prior to joining HighPoint, Michael held senior positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers, IMS Health, and Unisys. His academic credentials include a B.S. in Accounting from Shippensburg University and a Master in Business Administration from Villanova University.

  • Eric Letts

    Vice President, Master Data Management

    Eric Letts

    Eric has more than 20 years of experience delivering innovative master data management (MDM) solutions for life sciences companies. His experience includes architecting MDM solutions for customer relationship management, sales order management, contracts and pricing, and research and development.

    Prior to joining HighPoint, Eric led the MDM practice at Computer Science Corporation, where he architected a solution for customer, global product, and sales alignment masters that won Gartner’s Worldwide Award for MDM excellence. His academic credentials include an MBA in Finance and International Business from New York University and a BS in Computer Science and Information Systems from Susquehanna University.

  • Jeffery Catteau

    Vice President, Business Intelligence

    Jeffery Catteau

    Jeff has over 14 years of experience information management services and products and 17 years of experience in consulting services, information services and business process outsourcing. His focus has largely been driving operational and analytic excellence through transformative information capabilities.

    His expertise includes information-driven innovation, information-centric business strategy, organizational design, enterprise information architecture and economic impacts of disruptive information capabilities. Jeff has provided vision and leadership across industries in master data management, operational analytics, innovation portfolio management, innovative business and technical architectures, and end-to-end information management and governance. Jeff has supported clients such as Merck, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Daiichi-Sankyo, Bristol-Myers Squibb, TD Ameritrade, Citigroup, JC Penney and LexisNexis obtain organizational and innovation breakthroughs through the application of better information capabilities that allow facts and ideas to flourish at all organizational levels.

  • Aleksandra Ilic

    Vice President, Digital Transformation

    Aleksandra Ilic

    Aleksandra has more than 15 years of comprehensive experience managing consulting implementations, leading technology solutions, and building customer excellence and governance programs focused on the Life Sciences industry. Her expertise includes spearheading global deployment initiatives, supporting development centers, business process engineering, BI/CRM/CLM strategy and roadmap execution, project and operational excellence, business development and relationship management for clients such as GlaxoSmithKline, Boehringer Ingelheim, Biogen, Allergan, Novartis, Takeda, Urgo, Celgene, and more.

    Prior to joining HighPoint, Aleksandra was the Senior Vice President of Skura Corporation focusing on growing Customer Success organization for CLM and adaptive sales enablement Life Sciences SaaS customers overseeing Account Management, Professional Services, and Technical Support. Aleksandra holds a BMath in Computer Science, Software Engineering Option and Combinatorics & Optimization Minor from University of Waterloo, Canada.

  • Adam Mariano

    Vice President, Healthcare Informatics

    Adam Mariano

    Currently Adam is a Vice President of Informatics at HighPoint, helping healthcare companies build better analytics, achieve insights and leverage data as an investment and asset. He brings an extensive clinical background and almost 20 years of IT experience in the data management space. Adam is also an attorney specializing in civil rights, immigration, and labor law and the founder of EPD, a minority-owned IT consulting firm.

  • Bret Piano

    Vice President, Strategy & Analytics

    Bret Piano

    With over 20 years of experience in the life sciences industry; Bret’s focus is to provide creative solutions to sales and marketing problems. He leverages his skills in technology (solution development), advanced analytics and effective listening skills to develop the valuable solutions in an efficient manner.

    Specialties include Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing, Analytics, Targeting, Competitive analysis, executive management, Software Development, Web Solutions, Information Sciences, Information Technology, Geospatial Analytics, Mapping, Sales Territory Alignments, and Sales Operations.

  • Mayank Srivastava

    Director, Enterprise Architecture

    Mayank Srivastava

    Mayank is the overall technical Architect for Informatics Support Practice. He has over seventeen years of industry experience and proven expertise in managing and leading high-performing global technical strategy and portfolio management, while aligning technology to desired business outcomes.

    As a professional, Mayank has managed deliveries of several large-scale IT projects and contributed to enterprise architecture strategies and road maps by providing business, governance and technical recommendations. His team is responsible for maintaining standards and policies relating to data architecture and integration, data modeling discipline, data management tools and techniques, data security and data naming conventions.

    Mayank has strong domain expertise in Enterprise & Solution Architecture leveraging both hosted and Cloud technologies for MDM, CRM, Warehouse and Analytical Systems.