Change Management 101 – Tips for Success

Are you embarking on a journey to implement Workday or similar technology, and wondering whether it’s necessary to have Change Management support? Based on my 20+ years’ experience in Change Management, especially helping Workday teams transition from legacy ERP systems to SaaS solutions, I can tell you it IS necessary. You should leverage Change Management techniques and tools when implementing a technology change. “One size doesn’t fit all,” and your company should tailor a Change Management Strategy that will be effective and achievable for your implementation. But why?


Your employees need to know why your company is making the technological change and how the technology will save them time and energy in the future. It’s essential to focus on the transformation of skills, mindsets and behaviors to achieve your business results.

Even though change represents organizational growth, there is still natural resistance. The uncertainty about the future and fear of the unknown are expected and can be a barrier to achieve change. I recommend approaching Change Management by anticipating the challenges of human dynamics and proactively managing the changes.

An example of effectively using Change Management techniques and anticipating resistance is when one of my prior Workday customers implemented the Time Tracking functionality. The employees had a huge learning curve as they were currently writing their time on a piece of paper and giving to their Manager for entry into a system. The employees didn’t know how to enter time using technology, and the CM team anticipated this change would be resisted and met with a learning curve on how to use the technology. We enlisted the assistance of Change Champions to communicate the changes months prior to the implementation. The Champions enforced the need to have the Managers onboard with the changes and to begin training the employees on how to enter time in their current technology. The CM team intentionally started driving time entry behavior and mindset well in advance of implementing Workday. Anticipating resistance and proactively managing the changes well in advance of the implementation proved to be effective techniques as the transition to the new Workday Time Entry system was successful with minimal data entry and rework issues.


Now that we’ve explained the “why,” let’s get to the how. Based on Prosci’s Change Management Learning Center methodology, the three basic steps to Change Management are:


A great Change Management process will integrate with your technology methodology. You need an approach that anticipates resistance and delivers communications and education that ready employees to adopt change.

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