Tender Management

Stickiness in Tendering (Part 1): What it is and is it a Reality?

FIRST – WHAT IS STICKINESS? Co-written by Andra Mironescu, Senior Consultant, Pricing, Tenders & Contracts Throughout the course of this blog the reader will notice the frequent use of “Incumbent”…

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Tendering Insights From Game Theory

The increase in tendering as well as the entry of multiple biosimilars is disrupting the healthcare market in Europe, with plenty of new players and procedures. This blog looks at…

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How should you integrate Tendering and Global Price Management?

To begin, there should be two processes for integrating tendering and global price management that lead to a harmonized governance routine, as at the end of the tendering procurement process….

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Gain Improved Insight into your Tendering Environment

Co-author: Yann Chappuis, Senior Associate Consultant

Creative Use of Tenders to Increase Return on Fixed Capital

In the patented drug manufacturing world, fixed manufacturing costs are not usually a key driver of profitability. Achieving the right price is typically a much greater driver of profit.

Lifecycle Impact on your Tendering Organization

Setting up a tender organization for life sciences can be a challenge. Not only do you need to deal with the way the tender governance is structured, on top of that,…

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Harmonized Governance in Tendering: Why It’s So Crucial

Harmonization of the tendering process seems like a tremendous task. Local laws are so different from country to country, making you ask yourself, how can it be achieved? Also, what…

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Tendering Leadership: Demystifying the Complexities

As discussed in a previous post, a tendering dedicated resource is a must and it represents the first step in building a successful tendering organization. But plenty of questions will…

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How to Setup Your Tender Management Resources

Nowadays, it’s a well-known fact that tender management is essential across most markets. Thus, as part of your tender management strategy, you must setup a network of tender champions or a…

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