A New Iteration of IDMP is Coming: Start of the Sprint?

When presenting at the HighPoint Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) workshop in Geneva, Switzerland in April 2016, I compared the IDMP journey not just to any marathon, but to the…

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How RIM evolved into today’s integrated, data-driven vision

The industry is currently in a period of unprecedented transformation, driven by ongoing shifts in the regulatory sphere from document-driven to data-driven information management. This transition is certain to continue…

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Enhancing Patient Safety: IDMP & ICH E2b(R3) Synergy

Since 2010, European Union (EU) Pharmacovigilance legislation is subject to regular and further enhancements because of EudraVigilance (EV), particularly the collection, management, and analysis of suspected adverse reaction reports. This…

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IDMP: Compliance to Fight Against Falsified Medicines

“Medical products should meet standards of quality, safety and efficacy. The quality of medical products is, however, a major public health concern to the World Health organization and its Member…

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IDMP Substance Data: Issues and Solutions

With the expansion of IDMP scope, we need to make sure we are tracking new and evolving requirements and guidelines for substances. Industrywide, that’s our next target.

Delays in IDMP Implementation Timelines

Time to relax or time to do more work? Q4 2018 may seem far, far away, but there is still lot to prepare for between now and then.