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Shopping for a ‘Real’ Project Manager

There are typically two camps on finding project managers (PM): buy them on the open market or make them. But, before you go shopping, stop and answer a few questions:…

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State Privacy Laws on the Rise

Privacy laws are being implemented around the world as most of us in the United States watch from our desks. At first the impacts were minimal, then Google was hit…

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The Struggle for Accuracy in Provider Directories

The issue Provider directories are often fraught with errors and inaccuracies, which can lead to hefty CMS fines and sanctions against health plans. As many health plans know from personal…

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Telemedicine: The Cost-Effective Future of Healthcare

Healthcare professionals can evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients at a distance using telemedicine.1 Telemedicine is delivered via video-conferencing, audio, or text-messaging using smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Over the past…

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Creating a Patient-Centric Revenue Cycle Experience

One of the most stressful situations a patient can encounter is navigating through a hospital stay.  Throughout the process, the patient and family are trying to wrap their heads around…

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RVUs and the Goal of Creating a Patient-Centric Care Experience

At the simplest, Relative Value Units (RVUs) measure the value used in Medicare reimbursements for physician services.

CMS message at HIMSS: Overhauling “meaningful use”, ensuring interoperability, and patient-ownership of data

Co-authored by Chris McShanag, VP Healthcare Provider Solutions Last week in Las Vegas, Nevada, senior representatives from the Trump Administration and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) spoke at…

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Healthcare Providers Face Game-Changing Shift with MACRA

While almost any business would leap at the chance to increase revenue by 4 percent or avoid an equivalent revenue loss, in the healthcare provider payments landscape, such outcomes can…

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The Inevitable Growth of Healthcare and Patient-Related Data

In today’s healthcare landscape, data grows continuously and at ever-increasing speeds, creating new challenges for a challenged industry. There are clear and present drivers, not the least of which is…

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