Stickiness in Tendering (Part 1): What it is and is it a Reality?

FIRST – WHAT IS STICKINESS? Co-written by Andra Mironescu, Senior Consultant, Pricing, Tenders & Contracts Throughout the course of this blog the reader will notice the frequent use of “Incumbent”…

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Trump’s Blueprint on International Drug Pricing; What to Expect

The U.S. always stood out as a different healthcare system. Well, maybe not anymore. The Trump Administration released an International Drug Pricing blueprint in 2018 and it was received with…

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Diverging before Converging; SPC Waiver and its effect on European Healthcare and Pharma

Co-authored by Todor Finkov, Manager, Pricing, Tenders & Contracts In 2015, the European Union (EU) set a single market strategy that provided more opportunities to people and business.[i] It enables people, services, goods…

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