When Will We Be Convinced eDetailing Works? Part 3: Closing the Loop — Learning to Adjust

In previous installments, we tackled two challenges to success with eDetailing in the life sciences. The first challenge is getting teams in the field to adopt the new tools and…

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The Insights and Sources We Trust

Contributors to this compilation include HighPoint experts John Wollman, Ted Marsh, Jim Slubowski, and Chris McShanag.

When Will We Be Convinced eDetailing Works? Part 2: Principles for Producing Engaging Digital Content

This blog was co-authored by: Antonio Pesqueira, Manager Life Sciences; Antonio Pregueiro, VP Life Sciences Commercial Excellence EU; and Sara Carvalho, Senior Associate Consultant. A special thanks to all of them for their…

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When will we be convinced eDetailing works?

There are a few reasons why eDetailing was a natural evolution of pharma promotion. Every healthcare professional, and particularly specialist physicians, report a reduction in availability or willingness to receive…

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