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Are Your Thought Leaders (Making an Impact) on Social Media?

Co-authored by Mattias Berger, Associate, Shared Services

Power of the Tweets

Co authored by Luca Morreale, Manager, Life Sciences EU 

Developing a Multidimensional Measurement Plan for a CRM Implementation

In the life sciences industry, there are no clear best practices or standard frameworks on how to establish a measurement plan for an end-to-end CRM implementation. A CRM roadmap strategy…

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When will we be convinced eDetailing works?

There are a few reasons why eDetailing was a natural evolution of pharma promotion. Every healthcare professional, and particularly specialist physicians, report a reduction in availability or willingness to receive…

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Pharma CRM Implementation: The Critical Role of First Line Managers

Most project managers in the life sciences industry know that for a CRM implementation to be a true success, management buy-in and training must be top priorities. This is especially…

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Why KAMs are Critical in Today’s Evolving Market & the Tools Needed to Support

This entry is cross-posted on Understanding Centricity, Antonio’s blog on Life Sciences Innovation and Commercial Excellence—Customer and Patient Centricity within Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and BioTechnology Landscape. The healthcare landscape continues to…

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