Case Study: Getting on the Path to Forecasting Excellence

Large pharma company facing a critical forecasting challenge

A large pharma company wanted to bring some much-needed clarity and simplification to their manual gross to net forecasting process. Their current method was complex and heavily dependent on various Excel spreadsheet activities across multiple teams. Out of the gate, the client knew they wanted to bring in the benefits of automation, but they weren’t clear on the many solution options. They also knew they needed to first take a closer look at their end-to-end forecasting process as an organization before identifying the best solution and approach.

To save time and ensure the level of expertise necessary for this key undertaking, the pharma company turned to HighPoint’s gross to net and forecasting experts. The pharma company leveraged HighPoint’s technology and life science industry expertise to define a clear roadmap of the key investments necessary to transform their organization.

Expert assessment of the existing forecasting system

Due to the client’s complex manual forecasting process (various spreadsheets dependent on channel and therapeutic area) and limited organizational understanding of the complete, end-to-end process, HighPoint began the assessment by conducting a high-level evaluation of the existing processes and the available tools. After launching this assessment, HighPoint was able to:

  • Document the current forecasting process and future requirements
  • Provide insights into the competitive landscape of forecasting practices
  • Evaluate the client’s requirements against available vendor solutions
  • Provide recommendations for both short- and long-term improvements
  • Collaboratively develop a future roadmap and implementation approach to achieve “forecasting excellence”

A clear path to forecasting excellence

At project completion, through their collaboration with HighPoint’s expert assessment team, the client determined the best fit vendor tool to automate their forecasting processes going forward. They also now have fully-documented, current and go-forward processes, which can be used company-wide, and the tailored recommendations necessary to achieve forecasting excellence across the organization.