Can Digital Data Help Predict Pharma Sales?

Co authors:

Sara Carvalho

Antonio Pregueiro

Linking sales to promotional tactics and channels is the dream of every marketer. The ability to measure the impact of a marketing effort is the key to making decisions, not to mention negotiating next cycle’s marketing budget. In an increasingly digital world, data abounds, but finding links to pharma commercial success is elusive. At HighPoint we have embarked on a mission to find these links with the goal to eventually show causation. We have started with some systematic assessments of correlation and like the pharma value chain itself, we started with R&D. Our infographic summarizes how an early attempt to leverage publicly available data on clinical trial publications has shown great potential in predicting commercial success. In later parts of the series, we look at other channels directly relevant to commercial promotion.


 All data used for this analysis comes from publically available sources