Lori Harris-Stevens, Associate Director, Population Health

Lori Harris-Stevens

Associate Director, Population Health

Lori is a healthcare leader with over 25 years of clinical, operational, quality, and health care management experience focused on organizational strategy and performance optimization to deliver bottom-line results. As former Senior Vice President of Accreditation for URAC, she spent over 10 years leading the development and accreditation review process of URAC accreditation programs, including the first national Case Management, Nurse Advice Line, and Independent Review Organization (IRO) Accreditation Programs. As a champion of national quality initiatives, Lori promotes the adoption of managed care industry/population health management ‘best practices’. She has extensive experience in a variety of health care settings, including health care delivery systems and health plans serving Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial, Tricare, and Behavioral Health populations. She has extensive knowledge of value-based care models, care management models, quality management, and stakeholder engagement, and is skilled at developing corporate level strategic initiatives focused on improving clinical and financial outcomes to achieve success within a value-based marketplace.