October, 2018


Europe’s evolving landscape for biosimilar medicines

Co-authored by Todor Finkov, Manager, Pricing, Tenders & Contracts In the EU healthcare landscape, three major influences have advanced the current position of biosimilar medicines: Advances in the biologics manufacturing…

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Specialty drugs face industry shift to new distribution model

Co-authored by Alexis Ashman, Senior Consultant, Tech., Pricing, Contracting & Market Access and Anami Patel, Senior Associate, Pricing, Contracting & Market Access. As the pharma/healthcare marketplace for specialty drugs such…

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Vendor Selection Best Practices

There are many reasons that a health plan will decide to go through the process of selecting a new care management vendor. It could be due to a change in…

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Meeting the organizational challenges of risk-based monitoring

In this continuing blog series, we explore the adoption challenges of risk-based monitoring (RBM) of clinical trials. So far, we’ve addressed the risk assessment process and centralized monitoring of analytics….

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An Effective Data Governance Program Starts with the Framework

In our first blog on data governance, we described what data governance is and the important role it plays in health care.

Case Study: Getting on the Path to Forecasting Excellence

Large pharma company facing a critical forecasting challenge

Gross to Net Benchmarking Survey-Initial Trends: Technology

In the life sciences industry, gross to net (GTN) is the management process at the heart of the pricing and contracting lifecycle. Within this process, manufacturers forecast demand and accrue…

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