September, 2018

The Challenges of Risk-Based Monitoring: Statistical Analysis

The shift to risk-based monitoring (RBM) is not without challenges for clinical research teams. In a previous blog, I outlined three key adoption challenges teams face. That blog also provides…

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How should you integrate Tendering and Global Price Management?

To begin, there should be two processes for integrating tendering and global price management that lead to a harmonized governance routine, as at the end of the tendering procurement process….

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Patient Registries as Enabler for Outcome-Based Contracting

Co-authored by Olasile Abolade, Associate Consultant

A Case Study in Adopting Trancelerate’s Risk Assessment and Categorization Tool

By now, there is strong consensus that Risk Based Monitoring (RBM) is an essential practice in clinical research. There are ample resources and supporting data on the benefits of a…

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Creating a Patient-Centric Revenue Cycle Experience

One of the most stressful situations a patient can encounter is navigating through a hospital stay.  Throughout the process, the patient and family are trying to wrap their heads around…

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Building an Effective Data Governance Program

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