July, 2018

The Biosimilar Uptick

On July 18, 2018, the FDA published its guidance for biosimilars, “Labeling for Biosimilar Products.” This guidance provides an overview of the FDA’s recommendations for biosimilar labeling, so that prescribers…

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RVUs and the Goal of Creating a Patient-Centric Care Experience

At the simplest, Relative Value Units (RVUs) measure the value used in Medicare reimbursements for physician services.

How to Prepare for Accreditation

Co-authored by: Suzanne Kunze, Norita Wilson, and Lori Harris In our previous blog, you learned about the strengths of both NCQA and URAC accreditation. Now we’ll look at how you…

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A Framework for Evaluating Size and Structure of Pharmaceutical Contract Operations

In a world of frequent biopharma mergers and divestitures, the optimal size and structure for a pharma company’s contract operations department is a moving target. Whether you’re setting up a…

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A Closer Look at Accrediting Organizations; the Strengths of NCQA, URAC

Co-authored by: Suzanne Kunze, Norita Wilson, and Lori Harris Health plans will look to two prominent and nationally recognized organizations, NCQA or URAC, when they are seeking accreditation. Accreditation provides…

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