October, 2017

Can Content on YouTube Sell Complex Biologic Treatments?

Co authored by Javier Elkin, Senior Associate Consultant, Shared Services EU

What does your Gross to Net (GTN) Process look like?

Why is Gross to Net information important for companies in the Life Sciences Industry? That is a question I kept asking myself when I started working on my first GTN…

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Can Digital Data Help Predict Pharma Sales?

Co authors:

Value-Based Contracting: Manufacturer Considerations

Projected trends in population growth and size published by the U.S. Census Bureau indicate the U.S population is projected to increase by 98.1 million between 2014 and 2060. Over that…

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Lifecycle Impact on your Tendering Organization

Setting up a tender organization for life sciences can be a challenge. Not only do you need to deal with the way the tender governance is structured, on top of that,…

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Gross to Net Forecasting Charter: Does Your Organization Need It?

A recurring issue observed when we conduct assessments of manufacturer “Gross to Net” operations is the apparent disconnect among multiple stakeholders on the role and responsibilities of the forecasting group….

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