April, 2017

Redefining Global Product Launch Strategy: Current Trends in Specialty Drugs

Are “traditional” product launch strategies falling short of delivering desired results as it relates to your specialty drugs? Are product launch strategies including the full spectrum of “market conditions” that…

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When Will We Be Convinced eDetailing Works? Part 3: Closing the Loop — Learning to Adjust

In previous installments, we tackled two challenges to success with eDetailing in the life sciences. The first challenge is getting teams in the field to adopt the new tools and…

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Organizational Change Strategies for Sustainable Trial Master File Management

Are you or your colleagues facing never-ending issues when being audited or inspected? It might be time to start putting your (clinical) house in order.

How to Organize Your Market Access Functions

Market access functions in life sciences are always evolving. Disrupted by the increasing share of Biosimilars, companies are reorganizing themselves. In this environment, market access departments are absolutely required and…

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Are You Assuring PBM Formulary Compliance?


Be a Good Student: Get Your eTMF Prepared

Preparation is key to pass your Good Clinical Practice (GCP) inspection. You need to prepare well in advance and certainly not shortly before.

MACRA and Value-Based Reimbursement

Now that the first performance period for MACRA — the U.S. Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 — is underway, it is vital that healthcare providers identify and…

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Top 5 Reasons Why Life Sciences Companies are Implementing Global Pricing, Contracting, and Tendering Tools

Innovation and competition are constantly influencing commercial drug decisions worldwide in the life sciences industry. This is evident by years of record drug approvals by the FDA and EMA, followed by…

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