March, 2017

Proposed Per Capita Cap on Medicaid Payments – Manufacturer Implications

Special thanks to co-writer Neelabh Saxena, Associate Director Pricing, Contracting, and Market Access. 


How to Setup Your Tender Management Resources

Nowadays, it’s a well-known fact that tender management is essential across most markets. Thus, as part of your tender management strategy, you must setup a network of tender champions or a…

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Do You Have the Right Data to Win Your Tender?

Tenders set the stage in the new procurement landscape The importance of tenders is rising. Tendering has become a new, standard method of entry into the procurement game in most European…

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Gross to Net Metrics: Bridging Physician and Contracting Strategy

The goal of a public company and the fiduciary responsibility of company executives is to maximize shareholder value. In simple terms, maximize profit, which drives long-term shareholder value. Pharmaceutical companies…

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Backfiling Challenges in Implementation of Contract Life Cycle Management Solution

One of the major work streams of a contract management repository initial implementation involves the processing of your existing contracts. These existing contracts will often be referred to as your…

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Tender Management and IRP Risk

Tendering has become a global trend and one of the most frequently used procurement methodologies outside the U.S. Presently, at least a quarter of pharmaceutical sales are made through some form of…

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