September, 2016

Change Management Strategy: Changing the Way We Change

The life sciences industry is evolving: the 2016 landscape looks nothing like 15 years ago. Change is inevitable and constant. It will be even more rapid in the 21st century.

The How and The Why of Data Archiving in 10 Steps

What do you do with legacy data and applications after you rollout your new electronic health records system? In a recent study of electronic health record (EHR) system buyers, 2015…

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Using Digital Healthcare to Rethink How We Operate

In my travels across healthcare companies throughout the country, it’s evident that strategists, planners, and product owners are aggressively looking to break through the ice and begin thinking about how…

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Pharma CRM Implementation: The Critical Role of First Line Managers

Most project managers in the life sciences industry know that for a CRM implementation to be a true success, management buy-in and training must be top priorities. This is especially…

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The Inevitable Growth of Healthcare and Patient-Related Data

In today’s healthcare landscape, data grows continuously and at ever-increasing speeds, creating new challenges for a challenged industry. There are clear and present drivers, not the least of which is…

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