June, 2016


Guest Post from EtQ: 3 Key Considerations for Compliance and Inspection Readiness

There‚Äôs no time to spare when it comes to compliance. In this increasingly fast-paced market, companies must ensure that their operation is running efficiently in an effort to increase value….

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Stop Reinventing the Wheel by Utilizing Institutional Memory

As if being solely responsible for the company’s medical innovation wasn’t a big enough job, today’s Life Sciences R&D professionals are hamstrung with inefficiencies and challenges such as collaborating with…

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Smart Reference ID Normalization- Data Conversion Best Practices

Customer-specific data is not only essential to a Workday deployment, but a foundational component for all Workday functionality. Without an accurate and reliable data conversion, projects will face significant challenges….

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Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Reference IDs

Creating Smart Reference IDs during your Workday Implementation