Vendor Evaluations & POC Services

Understanding the capabilities of vendor software such as Revitas and Model N to meet your pricing & contracting business requirements and goals is a complex activity given the various quantitative and qualitative factors that exist. HighPoint’s Key Requirements Differentiators (KRDs) create a focused and accelerated approach that concentrates on an organization’s critical needs.

KRDs are the specific requirements for each of the business processes that a manufacturer needs to critically use as a measurement factor when evaluating vendors for a potential technology solution. They allow for critical analysis of requirements that may differentiate one software application from another rather than focus on the 70% to 80% of industry requirements that will be found in all software vendor applications.

HighPoint’s KRDs form the foundation of our Proof of Concept (POC) services. Our POC methodology utilizes transformations technologies from HighPoint’s tools and libraries to quickly load your master and transactional data into major software solutions such as Model N and Revitas in order to create real world business scenarios, resulting in critical analysis of software functionality.