Technology Labs

Information technologies are undergoing a rebirth. Cheap processing power, memory, and storage have made dreams of just a few years ago operational realities. Data Federation and Virtualization, In-Memory Processing, Big Data, Massively Linked Data, Semantic Technology, Visualization, User-Focused Metadata Management….the list of technologies our clients are deploying grows every day.

HighPoint provides technology lab services which enable our clients to pilot technologies, develop value-driving use cases, separate fact from fiction, and learn about how a particular technology fits within an end-to-end information landscape and value chain. Whether the need is to process data at new scale and speed or to try a specific tool to validate the feature stack, HighPoint can provide the technical, strategic, and operational guidance to show how these new (or new to you) capabilities can deliver on imperatives of better, faster and/or cheaper. If needed, we can also provide the infrastructure through our Managed Services Solutions Center.

Maybe you want to try out Big Data technologies. Perhaps you want to see how Informatica can be leveraged to push down MPP processes to Hadoop to get more out of a costly platform. Does that entity extraction engine really work real time? Can non-technical users really get comfortable with advanced visualization suites? Can a search engine be used as a data delivery platform?

Our lab is ready for your hypothesis and experiment.