Systems Implementation & Integration

A successful system implementation depends on more than the technology you choose. Organizational readiness, business processes, management buy-in, and user adoption are essential considerations, even in pre-planning.

We believe in five critical success factors for system implementations:

  • Define and manage to business value: Successful implementations identify a set of quantitative and qualitative measures that will improve throughout the implementation.
  • Ensure constant change management: Starting change management early and continuing it throughout the entire project lifecycle makes transition to the new system easier and creates almost immediate value once we go live. It’s essential to educate and train personnel on how to utilize the software most effectively as well as on the business process changes.
  • Leverage industry expertise: In today’s environment of seemingly constant turmoil, having industry experts available to consider impact helps ensure that the system is not only configured for today’s needs, but for tomorrow’s as well.
  • Ensure appropriate technical expertise: Understanding and planning for appropriate IT infrastructure ensures the timely availability of development, QA, and production environments so that the project stays on time and on budget.
  • Create and maintain a collaborative work style: Collaboration between the system integrator, software vendor, and client are critical to the success of any project. Constant communication, both formal and informal, allows us to identify issues earlier and mitigate their impact before they cause project delays or cost overruns.

We can also help you customize and integrate standard components and off-the-shelf software with your existing hardware, software, and technology infrastructure to achieve better performance at a lower cost. Our architects have created a project methodology and evaluation framework for enterprise application integration with middleware products like TIBCO, webMethods, and WebSphere.

These services can help reduce total cost of ownership, maximize your investment in existing systems, support business change, and provide visibility into enterprise information and business processes.