Software Customization

Custom Pharmacovigilance Software 


As good a fit as any particular commercially available Pharmacovigilance services may be to your requirements, there are very often additional components that must be added on to fully meet your requirements. These solutions may involve interfacing with an existing system, such as a call center or documentation management system, or the development of additional reports or data capture modules to fully leverage your business vision.

HighPoint’s Pharmacovigilance Practice will evaluate your needs to help you determine whether custom Pharmacovigilance software is the appropriate solution for your company. We will work closely with your business and internal information technology groups to gather requirements, develop, validate, and implement the custom software that will compliment your existing or new Pharmacovigilance systems. In addition, we will assist you with integration of the software into your safety processes. We have expertise in a wide variety of software development tools, including Oracle, Java, and HTML based solutions.





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