Service Cloud

While many customers have implemented the Sales Cloud solution without the need for significant integration with back office applications, the need to do so with Service Cloud is far more critical. The primary purpose of many Sales Cloud solutions was to provide visibility to sales pipelines and gain efficiencies in the selling process.

To service your customers effectively, it is critical to integrate with your back end customer, product, sales, and inventory database. Your service department needs to know what products each customer owns, how old their equipment might be, what contract entitlements they have for service to eliminate leakage and whether parts are available to replace what’s broken. Recent technology trends also include the integration of social media platforms and conversations as well as machine driven data inputs to optimize their customer service processes.

Many customer service organizations are now focused on transforming their service centers to profit centers by leveraging all of these data sources in an optimized fashion. This could manifest itself by:

  • Cross-selling and up-selling products during the service call
  • Selling maintenance and warranty contracts associated with the call
  • Marketing campaigns based on previous service calls in combination with machine driven data and social data

HighPoint has unique expertise in tying together these key sources to provide optimized solutions for our customers. Including but not limited to:

  • Integrating Service Cloud with SAP ERP
  • Integrating Service Cloud with Machine to Machine data inputs 

Service Cloud