Salesforce1 Platform

If you are not taking advantage of the significant innovations and agility that the Salesforce1 platform provides, you risk giving your competitors a strategic advantage.

HighPoint will help you leverage your Salesforce1 application platform in the following ways:

  • Create new composite applications that leverage on-premise and cloud applications
  • Retire standalone legacy applications by creating new next generation replacements
  • Mobilize existing legacy systems using the powerful and agile mobile capabilities

Specific to our customers in Life Sciences, experts from HighPoint’s Quality & Compliance practice team can assist in initial and ongoing (including upgrades) validations of your Salesforce and other cloud based platforms.

Additional HighPoint practice competencies that will benefit our customers’ Salesforce1 journey include:

  • Enterprise Architecture – to seamlessly integrate Salesforce1 into the enterprise
  • Business Intelligence – to create enterprise analytics and dashboards across salesforce and legacy systems data in real time and batch data warehousing scenarios
  • Collaboration – optimizing structured and unstructured data across the enterprise with specific focus on industry driven constraints such as Life Sciences
  • Master Data Management – keeping critical customer and product data synchronized across the enterprise
  • Application Managed Services – providing highly cost effective application support for salesforce and related enterprise applications
  • Data archiving services – providing easily retrievable access to dated legacy data including data elements from retired systems not otherwise converted into salesforce applications
  • Advisory and assessment services to create client specific prototypes to confirm platform agility and ability to meet specific needs

HighPoint is organized to seamlessly integrate these technology competencies along with our solution practices areas in the manner that matches the agility of the Salesforce 1 platform to help our customers create a competitive advantage.