Sales Cloud built their success and became a household name by virtue of the success their customers have had implementing Sales Cloud. Companies who have invested early in Sales Cloud have taken advantage of the ease of use and agility of the solution to improve sales efficiencies. The next step in the evolution of business transformation and performance is to improve sales effectiveness. True sales effectiveness in this era is a result of leveraging internal enterprise data and combining it with external social data and where appropriate, machine data, in order to optimize every sales and marketing customer interaction.

Knowing how your products and services are used and what your customers are saying about them in their conversations directly with you and with other customers, can be mined to create more personal interactions, improve customer loyalty and identify the best opportunities and processes to improve sales engagements and marketing initiatives.

HighPoint works closely with our customers to identify and execute on these opportunities with regard to each customer’s unique state of readiness across the dimensions of people, process and technology. We work collaboratively to create a game plan for success and transformation that includes practical steps for improvement along the journey.


Sales Cloud