A number of life science companies are at a crossroads with respect to their CRM solution. Many have on-premise sales force automation (SFA) solutions that are now coming due for upgrades, are at the end of their depreciation schedule, or both. This dynamic is leading a number of our clients to re-evaluate the business functionality, flexibility, and technology investments they need to make.

HighPoint has assisted both large and specialty pharmaceutical companies assess their current situation, future direction, and then we have provided a roadmap detailing practical and cost effective next step options. Based on our deep technology expertise, a number of our clients have trusted HighPoint to assist them with both evaluating and implementing SaaS technology alternatives.


Listed below are value propositions for SaaS solutions:

  • Reduced start-up cost, particularly valuable to small and mid tier pharma
  • Scalable and easy to configure solution
  • Faster time to implement (6 weeks to 3 months)
  • Reduction in support costs between SaaS SFA and onsite SFA solution, primarily from infrastructure


Our sales & marketing consultants have over 60 years of experience in implementing and designing both traditional and SaaS SFA solutions. Our experience can help you evaluate whether SaaS SFA , in terms of total cost and functionality, is a good fit and option for your company.