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Coming into Compliance with IDMP

HighPoint Solutions is singularly positioned to help pharmaceutical companies meet the challenges posed by IDMP. Our approach makes it quite easy to adjust your efforts at a later date in compliance with any changes that may occur.

Download White Paper: Coming into IDMP Compliance

whitepaperCase Study: Program for U.S. Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy

The successful implementation of this project has lead our client to seek HighPoint to continue supporting the implementation of the electronic Risk Management Program in new markets in Latin America and North America.


whitepaperProject Memory Tool Whitepaper

Project based work is a complex environment. Information comes in from a multitude of sources and locations at an astounding rate. Decisions are made based on months of discussion, analysis, and careful calculation.


whitepaperClinical Design Memory Whitepaper

Pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers run clinical trials all the time. However, it’s as though neither the insights nor the experiences gained could be brought forward to serve as the foundation for new clinical trials.




IDMP Webinar

New regulations for the identification of medicinal products (IDMP) will be based on a series of standards that were created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and will go into effect in Europe July 2016.


Clinical Trial Design Memory Webinar

HighPoint Solutions Research & Development and Salesforce webinar on the current dynamics and challenges associated with clinical trial designs, and how can be utilized as a platform to address these challenges.

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