Promotional Content Management

The management and execution of the material review and approval cycle for pharmaceutical promotional material is a very time intensive process that usually leads to countless re-reviews and missed deadlines. As a result, this process is often expensive to manage and delays timely and compliant information from reaching the sales force in the field and ultimately the customer. To combat this issue, pharmaceutical companies are now looking at ways to make this process more efficient and streamlined so they can sustain current business levels and accommodate future growth.

Our sales and marketing consultants understand the viewpoint of the key participants in the review process: from reviewers to market operations, agencies, and brand teams/marketers themselves. In understanding all these perspectives, we are able to define and deliver a solid solution that leverages many lessons learned and best practices.

Promotional Material


Advantages to revamping your MLR process and/or solution:

  • Quicker time to get materials to market
  • Smoother, faster reviews leveraging an electronic solution
  • Enabling the review tracking mechanism to provide enhanced reporting and analytics
  • Less confusion: All comments will be captured electronically within the solution and no materials are lost in the process
  • Reduction in the quantity of in-person review items by leveraging electronic annotations, updates, and approvals