Proactive Data Quality

A key outcome of a survey conducted by our client value network (CVN) indicated that 90% of people “strongly agreed” that improvement of data quality in their core systems is a near term priority for them. Even if your organization does not have clearly defined metrics and business rules, you can utilize our catalog of rules across subject areas such as claims, customer services, enrollment, provider and many others. In addition, utilizing our data quality hub architecture, you can benefit with a tangible return on investment in the form of better quality data.

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Our expertise is technology independent and relies on our industry experience. In addition, our CARE (Create Metadata, Assess Data Quality, Remove Data Anomalies, and Engineer Improvement) methodology is a metadata-driven approach assisting your needs of data quality regardless of technology. However, we created our payer data quality hub solution using Informatica Data Quality and Informatica Proactive Monitoring tools, providing Informatica out of the box capabilities such as profiles, scorecards, and address doctor and our technology expertise. Ask us about our data quality lifecycle.