Multichannel Marketing

Multi-channel Marketing Marketing Overview

Today’s business environment continues to be increasingly challenging for pharmaceutical companies. Yesterday, pharma controlled the information relationship with the health care provider (HCP) and them (what information and how the information was dispersed). Today, the customers or HCPs are driving the relationship with many avenues to seek out information on the products and services they need. Thus, a key challenge for pharmaceutical companies is to identify how to differentiate themselves from their competitors or how to provide a value add to their customers. In order to provide this value add, Pharmaceutical Companies will ultimately need to know who their customers are and what each customer values.

Experts in the Industry

Our team is recognized as an industry thought leader for MCM. We are leaders in transforming existing sales & marketing organizations into a MCM-enabled organizations. We have extensive experience working with mid to large-sized pharmaceutical companies, assisting in the development of their MCM strategy, implementation of the processes and technology to support MCM, and definition and creation of analytical solutions to measure the results and impacts of MCM.

What is MCM?

Multi-channel Marketing Marketing (MCM) enables pharmaceutical companies to gain an understanding of their customers through measuring the results of marketing and communication initiatives by tracking the real-time response of targeted customer groups.


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