MDM Solution Implementations

MDM solution implementations is a core competency for our MDM practice. Our industry knowledge, business expertise, and broad IT capabilities combined with our experience delivering MDM solutions across a wide array of data domains enable us to implement high-value solutions that deliver business results.

Domain Expertise

Our seasoned consultants have broad experience delivering industry-specific solutions across multiple domains.

  • Customer/provider (healthcare professionals, accounts, and affiliations)
  • Patient/member
  • Product and markets
  • Pricing
  • Employee
  • Alignment



Leveraging our experiences, we utilize a proven framework approach for solution implementations that enables us to streamline activities across the project lifecycle. Our methodology approach, templates, and starters enforce our “no blank slate” philosophy that ensures the effective and efficient use of resources and reduced delivery time and cost. Our starters and templates include:

  • Pre-built starter customer master solution for Siperian-based solution implementations
  • Baseline project plan
  • SDLC templates
  • Local/physical data models
  • Baseline cleanse, match, and merge rules
  • Structured test/validation methodology
  • Sample test scripts