MDM Assessments

The measure of an application’s effectiveness and behavior often requires time post-implementation to become apparent. This is particularly true of MDM solutions that deal with complex data and integration issues. For companies facing MDM solution challenges, we provide a solution assessment service.

Our solution assessment offering provides an objective viewpoint that focuses on assessing solution effectiveness and providing impactful recommendations. If you are facing one or more of the following challenges, our solution assessment service may be right for you.

  • Performance problems, particularly long-running source data load processes that exceed batch window timeframes
  • Under- and/or over-matching occurs, causing additional manual reconciliation
  • Data integration gaps and errors exist, resulting in data synchronization issues across applications
  • Spikes in source data changes, resulting in large volumes of published data
  • Data standardization errors, causing invalid addresses
  • Difficulties managing code changes across multiple environments
  • Unmet business requirements based on perceived software limitations
  • Difficulties extending solution to support new business processes due to constraints
  • Data governance and quality issues