Marketing Web Content Management

In terms of getting their message out to consumers, pharmaceutical marketing organizations can never move fast enough for their liking. Any time between the inception of a new great marketing initiative and its deployment to the public is just lost revenue. Externally-facing marketing website content and/or code deployment processes are seen as a definite bottleneck to many marketers.

Content management systems such as Vignette or Interwoven were meant to solve that need, but that just becomes another system within the organization to manage.

HighPoint has developed a world class Web Content Management system which leverages SharePoint as the backend. The novelty of this solution is that any organization that currently has Windows SharePoint Server (WSS) 3.0 running can leverage this solution. Our solution is built to satisfy the speed by which marketers and their agencies need to move. The beauty of this solution is that it allows for complete presentation freedom. The “code” that the agencies access when building their sites is abstracted away through XML configuration files that do not require deployments, but are modified right through the same document libraries that contain HTML. Many solutions have made the claim to enable the management of complex transactional functionality without the need for code deployments. Our solution actually makes good on that claim and does so on the freely available WSS 3.0.