Building a comprehensive business strategy from the ground up isn’t easy — or prudent. With the insights of leaders who have blazed a path forward before, you are better positioned to manage, compete, and succeed at every point along the way.

HighPoint’s consultants have an average of 13 years of life sciences industry experience, with more than 100 strategic assessments and roadmaps completed for our clients. Every decision you face is one we’ve already weighed. Every obstacle; one we’ve helped clients overcome many times over.


For every stage of your business plan, HighPoint has already developed, enacted, and refined a framework for clear success. Working from these frameworks, and customizing them to meet your unique situation and business needs, we can ensure our clients are always building on a solid strategic foundation.


At every step, we draw on experience and an extensive partner ecosystem to recommend and implement solutions that will drive your strategy forward. With a “core-out” approach, HighPoint is able to consistently focus and advance your vendor selection process.

Our team defines key requirement differentiators (KRDs) for your project that clearly identify ideal solutions from among long lists of functionally similar software. By focusing on the 10% of factors that separate competing solutions, we can efficiently move to proposal evaluation, demonstrations, and final scoring — drastically reducing up-front bottlenecking.


The implementation of the right technology doesn’t mean anything if your teams are not adequately prepared with processes that guarantee efficient progress. And smooth operations are only as valuable as your ability to evaluate where all your projects stand, and what’s coming next.

HighPoint can get you there on time, on budget, and to-scope with a project, program, and portfolio management team that’s prepared to support clients with the assessment and development of processes and tools, as well as staff supplementation, and more.

Leading Strategy

  • Mihales Karasavas

    Managing Director, Customer Success

    Mihales Karasavas

    With nearly 20 years of life sciences industry consulting experience in management and information technology, Mihales delivers solution strategies for emerging biopharma. His mindful approach includes formulating cross-functional, integrated strategies and roadmaps which take into consideration industry benchmark standards and the unique pathways of each patient, customer and product journey.