Business Intelligence

Accelerated Information Services

In many software projects and programs, information integration is an afterthought — subjugated to a minor role and frequent inconvenience. We feel differently. Information technologies drive business processes and build information assets. The quality of the integration points between systems and architectural components are the difference between processes working properly or not and information assets delivering value or not.

Leveraging leading technologies, accelerators, and detailed in-industry knowledge of systems, process and data, HighPoint can accelerate the process of building integration and data distribution platforms for systems integration, data warehousing, virtual warehousing, analytic processing, and system migration. We have particular experience with systems such as FACETS,, Veeva, Workday, Revitas, Model N, several CTMS platforms, Oracle ERP/CRM. Our integration team also has significant expertise working with healthcare claims, clinical information, provider master data, and other reference and master data sets used to track healthcare utilization, measure provider and facility quality and performance, track the pharmaceutical and medical device markets, conduct real world analysis, support translational medicine and research, and a host of other use cases.

Advanced Data Mashups

Trying to get raw claims data, clinical data, and cleansed manufactured data products to integrate? Finding it difficult? So are a lot of people.

The HighPoint Information Team includes experts from all aspects of the healthcare and life sciences data lifecycle. We’ve worked with clinical care sytems, hospital systems, clinical research systems, pricing and contracting systems, CRM, claims adjudication systems, claims switches, LIMS, ELNs. We’ve built and supported many of the data products used by healthcare and life sciences organizations to track markets, disease and therapeutic trends. We’ve worked with just about every data set governments publish on health utilization and research. We’ve written grants to the NIH to fund observational clinical research repositories.

We know a lot about data: how to mash it up to drive better analytics, offload data preprocessing from data scientists and research scientists. We know how to add that last piece to your data puzzle.

Implementation Services

We know how to architect and deliver information solutions. Our technology experts deliver in on-premise, off-premise and blended models. Our solutions centers are located in Pennsylvania and Tampa, allowing us to provide cost advantage over on-premise models with the opportunity to meet and interact with every member of your team.

Our areas of expertise include:

• Business Intelligence
• Advanced Visualization
• Data Warehousing and MPP
• Federated/Virtual Warehousing
• Data Integration
• Data Quality
• Metadata Management
• Large Scale Processors (Traditional and Big Data)
• Semantic Technologies and Search

Information Practice

The HighPoint Information Practice works with leaders in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry to transform business capabilities through the use of information. Our practice is at the industry forefront, defining the business transformation that can be driven through new data technologies and capabilities. We work with clients at all stages of corporate evolution, local to global to help make information more accessible, more valuable, and more valued. We deliver differentiated value because we know your industry, we know your systems, and we know your data.

Our clients have many goals for their data and the value it can drive. For some, it’s cost reduction through system retirement, for others it is competitive advantage through better, faster analytics. Regardless of the value driver, HighPoint has the industry experience and the practical and technical knowledge to deliver systems and approaches that get the most out of your information assets.

PathPoint PMO

Why do so many big information projects fail or under deliver? Because these programs require specific knowledge and approaches which aren’t as important in traditional software implementation. Complex information-centric programs involve many systems. In today’s IT climate, that can also mean many teams and multiple partners, contracted independently to deliver on separately identified scope. Frequently, no individual organization in the program is accountable for the end-to-end information story. For this reason, we developed our PathPoint Information PMO.

Traditional PMOs — focused on resourcing, planning and progress of individual projects — frequently struggle to measure and predict the delivery of value in these challenging climates.

Ultimately, the value associated with a large information program is based on how it meets business need and the quality and timeliness with which it is delivered. At HighPoint, we work with our clients to ensure that end-to-end value is tracked, measured, communicated and delivered in large scale information-centric programs.

Across disparate teams, projects and workstreams lies the critical path of a program’s success or failure. Understanding, planning, and measuring around this critical path creates the fact-based visibility required to ensure best outcomes and demonstrate confident execution to Program stakeholders.

HighPoint’s PathPoint delivery assurance services address all dimensions of deliverable and quality assurance for complex information-centric programs. Our interdisciplinary approach and integrated reporting capabilities coupled with our communications strategy ensures that facts flow quickly and cross-team distractions are minimized.

We apply this methodology and our expert resources to both manage program and deliverable quality as well as set the stage for capability and service quality going forward.

PathPoint PMO

Rapid Information Strategy

Information investments come with high hopes and difficult-to-measure ROI. Information strategy aligns business transformation with information strategy and identifies the investments, timelines, and sequence of events which deliver on those aspirations. HighPoint’s information strategy approach begins with our industry focus — we understand your processes, systems and information so we can quickly work with your team to translate business transformation to information transformation. Our strategy process examines the dimensions of change which lead to successful program and project outcomes including Capability Transformation, Governance, the End-to-End Information Process, Demand Management, Supply Operating Models, and KSAs (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) that will be needed by both the teams that supply and support information capabilities and the users of those capabilities and data products.

Upon completion of our strategy engagements, our clients have executable roadmaps, governance and operating models, architectural risk/debt assessments and discrete project definitions with resource estimates to guide the budgetary and execution stages of their transformation. Because our strategists also build information capabilities, we are able to make executable, tactical recommendations earlier in the information evolution process — reducing long-term risk and ensuring that the roadmaps that our strategists create get funded and delivered.

Technology Labs

Information technologies are undergoing a rebirth. Cheap processing power, memory, and storage have made dreams of just a few years ago operational realities. Data Federation and Virtualization, In-Memory Processing, Big Data, Massively Linked Data, Semantic Technology, Visualization, User-Focused Metadata Management….the list of technologies our clients are deploying grows every day.

HighPoint provides technology lab services which enable our clients to pilot technologies, develop value-driving use cases, separate fact from fiction, and learn about how a particular technology fits within an end-to-end information landscape and value chain. Whether the need is to process data at new scale and speed or to try a specific tool to validate the feature stack, HighPoint can provide the technical, strategic, and operational guidance to show how these new (or new to you) capabilities can deliver on imperatives of better, faster and/or cheaper. If needed, we can also provide the infrastructure through our Managed Services Solutions Center.

Maybe you want to try out Big Data technologies. Perhaps you want to see how Informatica can be leveraged to push down MPP processes to Hadoop to get more out of a costly platform. Does that entity extraction engine really work real time? Can non-technical users really get comfortable with advanced visualization suites? Can a search engine be used as a data delivery platform?

Our lab is ready for your hypothesis and experiment.