Overview – Informatics

Leveraging our core capabilities to create reusable insights.


HighPoint Solutions founded its Informatics Business Unit to address the rapidly evolving data needs across the health related industries: Payer, Provider, and Life Sciences. The Internet of Things, Real World Evidence, and Population Health Management are just a few business imperatives that are creating very complex Informatics initiatives. To address these initiatives, the HighPoint Informatics Business Unit has developed 6 critical competencies to make sure that we can execute on the largest and most complex Informatics projects. We leverage our core capabilities to create reusable insights across all of the Health Industries.


HighPoint has built a core set of competencies that can address the most complicated Health Industries Informatics problems. We have built:


1.  Digital Analytics Frameworks
2.  Unstructured Data Mining Solutions
3.  Real World Evidence Analysis
4.  Predictive Patient Outcomes Solutions

for our Payer, Provider, and Life Sciences Clients.


The Informatics business unit is led by Mike Zubey, Executive Vice President of Strategy, and a team of Health Industry veterans who have both health industries knowledge and Informatics expertise. Eric Letts heads up our MDM practice unit. Jeff Catteau leads our Data Management team. Brett Piano oversees our Analytics team and Aleksandra Ilic leads our Managed Services practice.

We manage a global team of over 250 health industries Informatics consultants. The majority of our consultants work across multiple practice areas and also have created client solutions across all related health industries. The mix of numerous Informatics proficiencies and significant tenure in health industries has created a group of consultants that are unmatched in the market.

Our Informatics team is bringing new capabilities to our clients such as unstructured data analysis, market access analytics, and health cloud data integration. The result for our clients has been over 100 successful Informatics projects with over 25% of those clients turning to HighPoint as a managed services provider.