Helpdesk Support

HighPoint’s specialized Helpdesk Support Team, constructed over the past 15 years, is held together by individuals who know not only the technology, but are also specifically trained in the Life Sciences and HealthCare industry. Our product is our people. We focus on hiring the best of the best, so that your support package guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction in technology and service throughout the engagement.

HighPoint assists Life Sciences companies and their sales force, by organizing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through proficient use of technologies, such as Veeva. Our consultants have an average industry experience of 8 years, allowing HighPoint to provide you with only the best quality of service, formulating Help Desk packages explicitly suiting your needs. Our competency stems from investing in highly trained consultants, guaranteeing customer satisfaction reflected by of our experience with 50 Healthcare and 70 Life Sciences clients.


Sample Service Desk Outsourcing Capabilities


• CRM: Veeva
• Complete Application Life Cycle Support
• Laptop/Mobile Devices
• Printers
• Inventory Management
• Software Management
• Patching
• Network Access
• Wi-Fi

• Voice and Conference Bridges
• Remote Wi-Fi/ VPN
• Hardware Upgrades
• Email
• SharePoint
• Antivirus
• Encryption
• Mobile Provisioning


• Office/Productivity
• Office365
• Adobe
• Concur
• SSO (Okta, Ping)
• Exchange
• Active Directory
• Native Mobile Apps
• Windows

• Mac
• iOS
• Cisco
• Intune/Airwatch
• Citrix
• VolP
• Workday
• Veeva CRM, Vault, Network
• Web Services

HighPoint has been a partner with Veeva beginning 2 days prior to their founding as Verticals on Demand. HighPoint has developed tight-knit relationships with Veeva’s co-founders, as well as with 25 different pharmaceutical clients. Today, we support 20,000 users across 19 various countries.

Our flexibility allows us to provide services as small as fractional resources to over 50 people, and easily transition to any level in between.

With a strategic focus on results, HighPoint prioritizes reducing user downtime, and getting users onboard faster. HighPoint’s highly skilled and experienced professionals provide improved responsiveness and case resolution, solving problems faster so that you can get back to work faster. End-user support models are customized by HighPoint to provide innovative and convenient support alternatives, with the ultimate goal of satisfying the specific needs of each customer. This includes support of other applications and hardware including, but not limited to: tablets/mobile devices, laptops, email, and other internal applications. HighPoint’s designated single-point-of-contact Delivery Manager and flexible staffing model ensures oversight and delivery of world class service, while maintaining focus on aspects important to your business’s success.


Helpdesk Support Services Attributes:

  • 100% Onshore
  • 24/7 Support Available
  • Single-Point-of-Contact
  • Life Sciences trained staff
  • High First Call Resolution
  • Best of breed technologies
  • Tier I-III Support
  • Software-agnostic
  • Enhanced Self-Service Reporting


HighPoint leverages an Onshore/Offshore Strategic Sourcing model, enabling easy co-location when needed, at a competitive price. HighPoint has over 1,000 Outsourcing resources globally, providing 40 clients Managed Services, including 35 Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies, supporting over 6,400 applications. HighPoint processes over 1,500 customer tickets on a daily basis. Our Cloud Managed Services team Hosts and Manages a combined 9,600 applications. HighPoint supports applications as large as global ERP systems to as focused as a single product site/web portal.