Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Strategic Evaluation – Payers and Providers

Is your Business Intelligence program fragmented? Are your analytics capabilities lagging behind the competition and struggling to catch up? Have you spent too much money on tools and technologies but not seen commensurate returns? Do you want to use data as a strategic asset but not sure where to begin? You are not alone.

HighPoint has both the thought leadership and execution leadership to make a difference. We have worked directly with executive management in large healthcare organizations to bring their BI initiatives back on track. Our approach looks at every important business function in your organization and compares analytic readiness to industry best practices from a people, process and technology perspective. After a well-structured and relatively quick engagement, you will have the clarity you need to transform your Business Intelligence function into a true differentiator.

CARE – Enterprise Data Quality for Payers

Most Payers agree that the quality of data in their enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and related source systems has a direct operational and financial impact on the organization. Despite acknowledging this issue at the senior management level, many Payers are occupied with day-to-day production operations while data quality remains an afterthought. Many Payers have even invested in data quality tools, but these tool licenses often go unused. Data quality can be a challenge even for Payers with mature data governance programs. User adoption of EDW often suffers because of data quality issues and over time the ROI of the entire business intelligence program becomes questionable. If you are responsible for a Payer’s data management team, this is not a position you want to be in.

HighPoint’s CARE methodology can change the way you look at EDW data quality. We apply Payer industry-specific best practices to data quality and make it easier to bring various business units on board. Fixing data quality does not have to be a monumental enterprise undertaking. We believe relatively small, focused initiatives produce near-term results your business users can buy into. Our methodology incorporates proven concepts such as creating baseline metadata, benchmarking against industry standards, accessing financial impact, building a data quality data mart, using well-designed data scorecards and dashboards, ongoing proactive data monitoring, and applying root cause analysis for sustainable quality process improvements. Our data quality techniques are complemented by a thorough understanding of Payer systems – including their implementation, operational challenges and data interdependencies.

The CARE methodology can often be implemented using the data quality and ETL tools you may already own, allowing you to leverage investments already made. We have the industry-trained engineering talent that can put these tools into action. Are EDW data quality issues creating heartburn in your data shop? Challenge us to come up with a solution you can count on.

Clinical Data Onboarding for Payers

Many Payers have realized the importance of closely partnering with their high-volume Providers as the industry moves towards accountable care. As part of this industry transition, Payers are onboarding clinical data that can give them a more comprehensive perspective of their membership. Clinical data may also be needed for HEDIS or other state level quality compliance metrics.

Onboarding clinical data from multiple Provider organizations and seamlessly integrating with claims, eligibility and care management data is not a core competency for Payers. HighPoint can help in this process by setting up your clinical data integration hub. Our approach leverages leading data integration hub technology and industry-trained technical resources. The methodology includes a Provider on-boarding team that can help your Provider partners facilitate the data transfer using HL7 or custom interfaces. The newly acquired clinical data is then standardized, cleansed and integrated with other data sets. Integrated clinical data is made available to internal applications as well as external partners using as on-demand approach. This entire process is then optimized for ongoing production operations.

If you are lacking expertise in clinical data, contact us to find how we can help.

Healthcare Analytics and Data Warehouse

You have a successful Business Intelligence (BI) program, but your backlog of support tickets is piling up and the business is demanding quicker turnaround times than ever. Or perhaps you want to efficiently roll out a new care analytics module your medical management team has approved, but requires a full cycle development effort under major resource constraints. Maybe your reporting environment has grown out of control over the years and a metrics rationalization exercise is needed to get it back on track. How about situations where your enterprise data warehouse needs to be upgraded with new subject areas that need a deep understanding of your business?

Are you working with a technology partner that specializes both in business intelligence and healthcare to help with these types of pressing situations? Does your team have industry experience with leading Payer and Provider organizations that you can leverage? We uniquely combine deep expertise in leading BI/visualization tools, ETL tools and data modeling with hands-on expertise in many healthcare operational systems. Our experience adds near term value to our customers’ vision and execution roadmap for BI and data management. We can reduce risk and assuredly improve outcome predictability as you take on new challenges in your BI initiative. Contact us to find out how.

Rapid Information Strategy

Information investments come with high hopes and difficult-to-measure ROI. Information strategy aligns business transformation with information strategy and identifies the investments, timelines, and sequence of events which deliver on those aspirations. HighPoint’s information strategy approach begins with our industry focus — we understand your processes, systems and information so we can quickly work with your team to translate business transformation to information transformation. Our strategy process examines the dimensions of change which lead to successful program and project outcomes including Capability Transformation, Governance, the End-to-End Information Process, Demand Management, Supply Operating Models, and KSAs (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) that will be needed by both the teams that supply and support information capabilities and the users of those capabilities and data products.

Upon completion of our strategy engagements, our clients have executable roadmaps, governance and operating models, architectural risk/debt assessments and discrete project definitions with resource estimates to guide the budgetary and execution stages of their transformation. Because our strategists also build information capabilities, we are able to make executable, tactical recommendations earlier in the information evolution process — reducing long-term risk and ensuring that the roadmaps that our strategists create get funded and delivered.

Technology Labs

Information technologies are undergoing a rebirth. Cheap processing power, memory, and storage have made dreams of just a few years ago operational realities. Data Federation and Virtualization, In-Memory Processing, Big Data, Massively Linked Data, Semantic Technology, Visualization, User-Focused Metadata Management….the list of technologies our clients are deploying grows every day.

HighPoint provides technology lab services which enable our clients to pilot technologies, develop value-driving use cases, separate fact from fiction, and learn about how a particular technology fits within an end-to-end information landscape and value chain. Whether the need is to process data at new scale and speed or to try a specific tool to validate the feature stack, HighPoint can provide the technical, strategic, and operational guidance to show how these new (or new to you) capabilities can deliver on imperatives of better, faster and/or cheaper. If needed, we can also provide the infrastructure through our Managed Services Solutions Center.

Maybe you want to try out Big Data technologies. Perhaps you want to see how Informatica can be leveraged to push down MPP processes to Hadoop to get more out of a costly platform. Does that entity extraction engine really work real time? Can non-technical users really get comfortable with advanced visualization suites? Can a search engine be used as a data delivery platform?

Our lab is ready for your hypothesis and experiment.

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