Establish SharePoint Center of Excellence

HighPoint Solutions is very interested in helping our clients make the most out of their SharePoint investment. As SharePoint grows in popularity in the organization, HighPoint’s ability to assist in achieving more and more return on that investment grows as well. Development of a Center of Excellence and shared service offering for our clients is an excellent way to achieve this. Our approach to developing the shared service involves the following:

Establishment of a Governance Plan – This covers all the “what if” scenarios that the shared service provider could encounter during their existence. It covers what tools will be used for what business functions, what functionality will be exposed to end users, how requests will be handled, what metrics will be reviewed, what processes will be followed, etc. This document is the bible by which the service will be run.

Go To Market Strategy – The service must be adopted within the company for it to be successful. HighPoint will work with the shared service owner to ensure that there is a clear business need that the initial service offering will clearly fulfill and make sure that message gets to the appropriate end users.

Growing a Team – Having a capable team is paramount to getting such a service off the ground. HighPoint can facilitate the growth of a team by providing temporary and even permanent team members who can provide immediate capability to a new team.

Setting up a robust and reliable shared service is no trivial task. It takes skilled experienced professionals in SharePoint, program management, and change management.