E-marketing & Non-personal Promotion

The life sciences industry has been evaluating new methods and approaches to delivering messages to physicians and support staff through technology such as self-service websites and eDetail promotions. These non-personal promotional methods are a direct result of many physicians denying or limiting access of sales representatives coupled with the industry’s desire to drive messages through the channels the customer chooses. There are many advantages to non-personal promotional messaging; perhaps the most compelling is that physicians can access the information when and how they want to. There are also cost advantages to non-promotional messaging such as eDetails, where a company can access physicians in areas not covered by traditional territories, thereby providing information and access to samples.

A number of companies are currently evaluating or have implemented non-personal promotional programs. Having assisted companies in plotting a course to get started and evaluating the program’s success and shortcomings, our team can not only assist in developing your non-personal promotional strategy, but also has the process and technology expertise to implement it. We work with our clients to identify upfront key metrics (KPIs) to measure the success of each program and implement processes to collect and integrate program data, enabling a consolidated view of all your promotional campaigns for each customer.