Contract Management process improvements are at the very forefront of challenges for many organizations today. Contracts shape the very nature of business relationships. Visibility into contract portfolios for analysis and execution of strategy is an area of increased scrutiny for companies looking to mature their overall contracting practices. Compliance to both internal and regulatory policies, adherence to obligations and commitments and the ability to execute contracts quickly are areas many organizations are looking to improve their operations.

Our customers look to HighPoint Solution’s Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management practice to help them unlock value in their contracts, improve margins, increase operational efficiencies and compliance, drive revenue, and provide information to enable good spend and margin control practices.

Not long ago contracts, once executed and filed away, were almost forgotten, with businesses concluding that delivering products or services was all that was needed, as long as the terms and condition of the contract were fulfilled. Today contracts are valuable tools above selling or buying products and services, and should be used to support customer management, control margins and ensure compliance.

At HighPoint Solutions, we support our customers throughout the entire ECLM lifecycle including Business Case and ROI development, bench-marking and technology selection, business process and requirements analysis, application and process implementation, and contract analytics.

We work with our customers at every step to achieve greater functional control over the contracting process. As business partners, we ensure that our customers get the most value from their contracting process while they achieve the highest possible standards of contract lifecycle maturity.

Spend and Margin Control: Use mature contract processes and tools to extract predictive data used to meet regulatory obligations or future incentive payouts.

Optimize Contract Performance: Implement tools and processes to control revenues with contract renewal alerts and price review notifications as examples.

Improve Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency: Contact management is more effective through streamlined processes with tools supporting the enforcement of policies and compliance.

Establish Information Infrastructure: Achieve Platform stability through consistent process and metadata capture across all contact types.