Databurst Features

Databurst is an open extensible platform intended to reduce complexity and increase collaboration by providing end-to-end cloud solution for data management solving challenges of pre and post launch commercial enterprises.

SLA based operational and infrastructure support in secure and compliant data center.

DB-Features-icon-02Standard Integrations
Integrated datasets include 3rd party data, specialty feeds, standard CRM/ERP.

DB-Features-icon-03Pre-Built Dashboards
Pre-built visualizations for managed care, sales, marketing, and executive roles.

DB-Features-icon-04Workflow Automation
Services layer supporting rules engine for valuable aggregations and validations.

DB-Features-icon-05Intuitive UI
Easy to use user interface to manage data flows, scheduling, monitoring, and more.

DB-Features-icon-06Quality Validation
Pre-built validation automation checks – At HighPoint Solutions, we know data!

DB-Features-icon-07MDM Integration
Applicable toolsets for MDM integration with Informatica, Veeva, Reltio solutions.

DB-Features-icon-08Data on Demand
Access and tailor pre-built Analytics Data Lake for ad-hoc and self-serve analysis.

Rich metadata model supporting data lineage, traceability and processing.

DB-Features-icon-10Scalable Data Platform
Metadata driven architecture optimized to handle growing data volumes.