Databurst as a Service

HighPoint designed Databurst to provide data management solutions


Specialty-rich portfolios and service-based commercial models have led to a new information mandate. With that mandate come challenges. Business users are frustrated by long deployment cycles, escalating costs, questionable data quality and inflexible infrastructure not lending itself to garnering actionable insights needed today. Imagine being able to have direct visibility to new data set availability not having to ask if data has been loaded yet.

Whether you are looking for a new solution or a reboot to your existing one you are challenged with:

  • Databurst-hexagonDeveloping or modernizing an expensive and time-consuming sophisticated data infrastructure
  • Extensive manual data manipulation before data could become useful and often not even meeting the business requirements
  • Inadequate master data management strategies leading to poor data quality
  • Adapting to a changing third party data environment without compromising your infrastructure
  • Data movement facilitation to and from various business partners and an evolving array of on premise and cloud solutions


HighPoint designed Databurst to provide data management solutions specifically to solve these problems allowing you to focus on what you do best. Databurst is the only Life Sciences data management and business intelligence solution offered in SaaS model, with monthly SLAs that easily scale up or down based on your business needs, and no data vendor conflicts.